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Top 5 deezer mp3 downloaders

Today so many people have registered for deezer as free accounts. They like to listen music, sharing or enjoying their favorite music at any time. But the big issue with deezer is that deezer don’t allow users to download their songs from their website to listen them later in the offline mode or transfer them to the other devices. So to overcome these problems you need deezer mp3 downloader software to download your songs to listen them in the offline mode. These software’s allows you to download your favorite songs from deezer and sharing them to the multiple devices.

1. KeepVid Music:

There are so many deezer mp3 downloader software available in the online market to download music from deezer but first of all we would like to represent KeepVid Music for you because this is the only deezer mp3 downloader which comes with a lot of great features. Not only can you download music from deezer. This software allow you to download your favorite music from more than 10000+ websites. Even it allows you to record your music also from those website and if you don’t want to record music one by one then you can directly download whole playlists by using KeepVid Music. So if you want to download your favorite music from the world’s most popular sites then this is the best software available in the online market for you.

keepvid music

Recommend: KeepVid Music - Discover, Download and Record Music

Download, Transfer and Manage Music for Your iOS/Android Devices

  • YouTube as your personal music source
  • Supports 10000+ sites to download music and videos
  • Transfer music between any two devices
  • Use iTunes with Android
  • Organize entire iTunes music library
  • Fix ID3 tags and covers
  • Delete duplicate songs & remove missing tracks
  • Share your iTunes playlist

Key features:

  • It allows you to download music from deezer and other 10000+ websites.
  • Download deezer music to mp3 directly.
  • Get music in 3 ways by pasting url or by recording or by discover option
  • Directly discover music from the user interface of KeepVid Music if you don’t want to get your music from other sites.
  • Download and convert them automatically after downloading
  • Download music in the original sound quality.
  • Transfer to any device without any restrictions
  • Manage your itunes libraries without restrictions
  • Automatically fix music tags and covers
  • Transfer directly to itunes, itunes to android, android to itunes or directly android to iphone or iphone to android.
  • Able to delete duplicate songs automatically.
  • Automatically convert music while transferring it to the other devices.
  • Automatically fix id3 tags incomplete information about albums.
  • Support all devices so you can use itunes with android also.


  • It is able to download from more than 10000+ websites.
  • It contains almost all the functions for a music lover, such as discover, download, record, transfer, manage, convert, organize, burn music, very powerful music tool.


  • Full version of this software is not available for free of cost.
  • Trial comes with a lot of limits.

deezer mp3 downloader - KeepVid Music

2. Orbit Downloader

Orbit downloader also allows you to download your tracks from deezer. This software is used by the millions of people. This software is completely available for free and allows you to download your deezer music for free and in very easy steps and with great speed. It can also download your friends videos which are personally shared by your friends on the social media sites. It can also download music from iLike, Pandora etc. it allows you to download from those sites also which are using anti-leeching technology.

Key features:

  • Latest version of orbit downloader is 4.1
  • Able to download html5 videos from youtube also.
  • You can download RTMP protocol videos in the pro version.
  • Download emil and attachments in very great speed.
  • Allow to download social media videos also.
  • Support all major browsers such as firefox, IE, chrome etc.
  • Support all protocols such as MMS/RTSP/RTMP


  • Easy to use downloader
  • Allow you to download from social media sites also.
  • Cons:

    • If download other useless softwares while downloading such as adware etc.
    • Make your complete slow.
    • Download link:

      deezer mp3 downloader - Orbit Downloader

      3. Audials music streaming recorder:

      Audials music streaming recorder is a very nice tool to download music form deezer in the mp3 format. This software not only works with deezer even it allows you to record music from other popular music sharing sites also. Audials music streaming recorder is able to download music from the deezer and other music sharing platforms also. You can choose different formats for your music. It is able to output songs in the MP3, WMA or AAC format also. So you will be able to play your downloaded music on any other device without any problem.

      Key features:

      • It is able to download music from deezer and other sites also.
      • It support so many formats
      • Able to record music also.
      • Convert your audio file to device compatible formats after recording from deezer


      • Record and download both functions
      • Record video and audio both.


      • Quality of downloaded music is not that much of good
      • Sharing function is actually not working properly.

      Download link:

      deezer mp3 downloader - Audials music streaming recorder

      4. Streaming Audio Recorder

      Streaming Audio Recorder is available for you to download music from deezer in the mp3 format from the wondersahre. This is also a best deezer mp3 downloader software to download music from deezer in high qualiyt. This software is able to download music from more than 500+ websites including deezer also. You can download music in various formats. It support all major music streaming sites such as, rhapsody, napster, deezer, grooveshark, mixclouds, iheartradio, youtube, dailymotion etc and you can easily create ringtones with downloaded music also.

      Key features:

      • Download music from mostly all major music sharing sites including deezer.
      • Able to download music from 500+ music streaming sites in the mp3 format.
      • Download in the mp3 format also
      • Automatically detect ads while recording and record music only.
      • Record music in high quality sound.
      • Able to record audio from playlist also.
      • Allow you to create you personalized ringtone after downloading.
      • Available for windows and mac also
      • Automatically fix id3 tags.
      • Able to transfer music directly to itunes.
      • Able to record radio and podcasts
      • Allows you to burn music to CD also after recording.


      • Record music in high qualiy
      • Able to edit ringtones after downloading.
      • Fixing id3 tags automatically exactly works.
      • A great and user friendly user interface.


      • Not available for free
      • Very less functionality in the trail version

      deezer mp3 downloader - streaming audio recorder

      5. WinX YouTube Downloader

      This software is available to download deezer music in the mp3 format. This is also a good deezer mp3 downloader which allows you to download music from the website of deezer. This software is totally available for free. There is no cost to use this software. This software support to download videos from the youtube, yahoo, facebook, dailymotion and other major music streaming websites also and it can download music from somewhere 300 websites. It is able to download music in the high definition formats also. You can check whole list of supported websites on the official website of winx.

      Key features:

      • It is able to download music from all major music streaming websties.
      • This software is free to use.
      • It support high definition videos also.
      • It can download music in the mp3 format from 300 music streaming webistes.
      • Allows you to play music after downloading in with 5k player on widows 10
      • It allows you to edit and share youtube videos also.
      • You can edit you mp3 deezer music also with this software.


      • Able to download music in high quality
      • Available for free to use without any cost
      • Able to edit songs after downloading.


      • It support very less music streaming sites

      Download link:

      deezer mp3 downloader - WinX YouTube Downloader

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