Things you need to know about deezer subscription

When you are listening songs on deezer then deezer allows you to enjoy premium plus service only for 15 days then you need to go for deezer subscription. So if you want to subscribe for premium plus than you need to pay some money. How you can do that we are going to tell you today and all other things which you must know about the deezer subscription.

Part 1: What is deezer subscription, how much

There are 2 types of accounts available for the deezer users. These accounts are known as deezer subscription.

1. Free:

Free account is first type of account for the deezer user. Every user who register first time on the deezer they will automatically registered for a free account. In this account you can listen unlimited songs but in this account you can listen unlimited songs on computer only. If you want to listen on phone then it’s not possible in this plan. You can listen flow and mixes only. Free account does not allow you to access music offline and you will not get ads in the free plan also. In the free account you will get standard sound quality only.

Cost: free

deezer subscription - Free account

2. Premium+

Another account of deezer is premium+ account which is available for 9.99£ per month. This account is really good for the person who really loves to listen music in high quality. You can listen unlimited music on computer and tablet and even mobile phones also which you can’t do in the free version. In this account also you will not receive any ads just like free version but this account will allow you to listen your music in the offline mode also. There is no need to listen only online. You can download it also. In this version all music sounds will be in high quality.

Cost: 9.99£ per month

deezer subscription - Premium+

Part 2: How to activate your Deezer EE subscription

Before getting knowledge about activating Deezer EE subscription we will discuss about the deezer ee subscription.

What is deezer EE Subscription.

Deezer premium + deezer EE subscription is a great way to save your playlists. This subscription allows you to download your favorite playlists to your computer/ mac or on your mobile. So you can directly access your music files at your computer or mac or on your mobile phone. You can find out your downloaded tracks from the deezer web or deezer mobile application and the sound quality of the music will enhance to the 320 kbps.

How to activate your Deezer EE subscription

Now it’s a time to discuss about activating deezer EE subscription. You can do by mobile and website both ways. We are going to discuss about doing it with website. Below are the steps for you to do activate you deezer EE subscription:

• First of all visit and click on “EE-Deezer customers? Activate your offer here” button to activate it.
• Once you have clicked on this a pop box will open there if you have already subscribed then click on “continue” in this box.
• Now you have to enter your EE mobile phone number. Make sure that you have entered a correct number. If your number is correct then you will receive you code on this number.
• Once you have received it on your phone then enter it in the pop box and then click on confirm button.
• Once you have clicked on confirm button you can access full deezer eoffers.

deezer subscription - access full deezer eoffers

Part 3: Where can i find deezer subscription Codes and Offers

If you are looking to get latest offers and codes of deezer then you can visit official website of deezer and choose you offer plan from there.

you can find your offers from here there are 3 types of offers available from deezer in this url first one is free service and the second one is premium+ service which cost 9.99$ per month and third one is elite service which the best service of deezer.

deezer subscription - elite service

Part 4: How to get deezer subscription Codes and Offers

Now we are going to discuss with you that how you can find use deezer paid services for very less price than their actual costs. On the official website of the deezer only few offers are available if you are looking to get more offer then you need to visit some other third party websites to get these offers. We are going to share some different website which can really help you to find out your best deals.

As you all people know that deezer is charging 10$ per month for their services of premium account so there is no need to invest these 10$ per month also. You can get deezer premium services for lifetime without spending a single penny later. How cool is that right? So now let’s see how you can get it.

Step 1:

First of all you need to visit this website to grab these types of offers.

deezer subscription - grab these types of offers

Step 2:

Now sign up there if you have not signed up and then login and in the search query just write deezer you will get so many deezer offers and people who are selling them. You can discuss about the offer with them before buying it. Some people are there who can provide you followers or some people can give you deezer account for lifetime in less than 10$

deezer subscription - sign up

Part 5: How to cancel deezer subscription

If you are looking to cancel your deezer subscription then you have to visit from your computer to cancel it because right now it’s not possible to cancel a subscription with mobile. You can cancel it by following the below steps:

Step1Open on your computer and login with your account details. Once you have logged in then click on your profile pic from your home page and then click on “my account”.

deezer subscription - login with your account

Step2Once you have entered on your “my account” once page will open there like the below screenshot then at the bottom of the page you will see “do you want to cancel you subscription?” just like below image:

deezer subscription - my account

Step3 Fill in your details and answer some quick questions there and then your payment will be cancelled. To cancel your subscriptions please cancel it before 48 hours of the next payment data.

Part 6: How do I cancel my EE-Deezer Subsription?

If you are looking to cancel your dezzer ee subscription then the first thing you should know that your account is attached with your mobile service provider. So you cannot cancel deezer EE subscription with the deezer application. You can do it form the EE mobile portal. You need to follow these steps to cancel it.

Step 1:First of all please visit EE Add-ons portal homepage which is:

Step 2: Once you have visited it you will see an option of Deezer App under the Inclusive Add-Ons. Click on remove button in front of deezer app.

deezer subscription - option of Deezer App

Step 3 Once you have clicked on remove then It will ask you to confirm then click on Confirm.

deezer subscription - confirm

Now you will successfully unsubscribe from deezzer EE subscription.

Part 7: Best deezer music downloader

After discussing all the things about deezer subscription now we are going to discuss with you about downloading of deezer songs without paying anything to deezer or getting premium+ offer of deezer. You can do it with the help of KeepVid Music which allows you to download your songs without losing orginal quality or without having any paid subscription of deezer. This software allows you to download all your songs from deezer and transferring them to multiple devices also and while transferring it automatically convert format of the song supported by your device without using any other software. KeepVid Music is able to download not only songs even it can download songs from 10000+ music sharing websites. It allows you to download your dezzer playlist also directly without downloading songs one by one.

keepvid music

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deezer subscription - keepvid music

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