3 Ways to Download Deezer Music

Deezer is the first French music website to sign an agreement with a publisher rights' organization to repay artists via advertising revenues. So, Deezer provides thousands of free music, of all styles, to the whole world. But it's a pity that you can only access to Deezer music online for free users. Normally, it's impossible for you to listen to the music from Deezer offline, for there's no download service provided by Deezer for free users.

Well, you may ask how to download Deezer music? Is there a doable way to do this? Yes, we have provided you with three tools to fulfill that. Let's check them out below.

#1. KeepVid Music

keepvid music

KeepVid Music

Best Deezer Music Downloader

  • Automatically download Deezer music with 1:1 good quality.
  • Intelligently recognize song information, including album artwork, title and more.
  • Download the whole Deezer playlists and split any 2 songs automatically.
  • Schedule to download and filter out ads.
  • Add the downloaded Deezer music to iTunes Library automatically.
  • Record music from other online radio, music stations.

How to download Deezer music using KeepVid Music

Step 1. Download and Install this Deezer music downloader

You can install this program on either your PC or Mac simply by using the link above to download it. Just remember to pick the correct version that fits your computer. Both bear similar processes, so either one will suffice as a version to illustrate here, we have chosen the one for Windows.

Proceed to launching of the program after its installation. Thereafter a user-friendly and clean window will open as below. From here on, you are all set to download Deezer tunes to your computer.

download deezer music

Step 2. Start to download Deezer music to iTunes library

From the recording window, go to GET MUSIC > RECORD. Then click the red "REC" button to start the record. After this, you may proceed to play your choice of Deezer songs. Remember that for as long as sound or music is playing on your computer, MP3 files will continue to be created by the program’s recording mechanisms.

download deezer songs- step 2: start to download Deezer music to iTune Library

When start recording the music, you can easily find that the Deezer downloader will intelligently recognize song information, including album artwork as following.

download deezer songs- - step 2: get album cover automatically

When the recording is over, you can find the recorded tracks in the iTunes Library > Recorded. Or you can stop the recording process by hitting the REC button once again.This program can download the whole Deezer playlist through recording and split any 2 songs automatically.

What is great about this program is that apart from Deezer songs being downloaded, tunes with complete tag details can be identified. These include ID3 tags, album art, title of the song, and many more.

download deezer songs - step 2: the downloaed music in the iTune library

Step 3. Transfer the Deezer music to your iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android Phones

Do you wish your iTunes songs from Deezer to be transferred to your mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod or your Android phone and enjoy them anywhere? Connect your device with the PC via a USB cable, select the songs you want to export, right-click mouse, select Add to> iPhone (or other device). Then, you can easily find the Deezer music in your iPhone. How great is that! Give it a try and see how it feels!

download deezer songs- step 3: export the Deezer music to device

Another way to export music is by clicking the Export icon at the top-right corner and then selecting the iDevice from drop down menu to which the music is to be exported.

download deezer songs - step 3: find the Deezer music in device

In addition, would you like to place your Deezer songs that have been recorded to your MP3 media player? No worries, your media player can contain or receive the recorded MP3 files imported to it. Simply give the tracks found in the Library of the program a right-click. A pop-up menu will be shown from which you must choose Open file location which will direct you to the MP3 folder. Finally, simply drag or copy manually to your media players. That’s it! Easy!

download deezer songs - send Deezer music to MP3 Player-2

How to Download Deezer Music

#2. Deezify


Deezify is a Chrome extension that enables you to download Deezer music easily. Using Deezify to download Deezer music should be very easy. You only need to first install this extension on your Chrome and then go to Deezer's web player to start playing music. After that, Deezify will help you get the music files. The limitation for this tool is that it can only be used on Chrome.

#3. Audacity

download deezer music

Audacity is an audio editor and recorder. Through some settings, it can be used to record streaming audio from websites like Deezify and others. You need to first set your computer's sound device to be able to record computer playback and then play Deezer music on your computer. After that, Audacity can record the audio to save to your computer. The audio file format can only be WAV or AIFF.

Comparison for 3 Tools to Download Deezer Music

  KeepVid Music
Deezify Audacity
Service Type
Desktop software
Browser addon
Desktop software
Main Features
Audio recording and managing
Audio downloading
Audio editing and recording
High Quality Audio

Filter out Advertisements

Recognize Song Info

Play Music

Create Ringtones

Schedule to Download

Easy to use

One click to transfer to iTunes

  • 1. 1:1 good quality
  • 2. safe, fast and stable performance;
  • 3. support all kinds of browsers
  • 1. free
  • 1. more editing options
  • 2. free
  • 1. not free
  • 1. not stable and need java support
  • 2. virus program reported by users
  • 3. support Chrome only
  • 1. not stable
  • 2. no constant updates
  • 3. not exclusively designed for audio recording

We can judge from the above table that the KeepVid Music should be a great and suitable tool to download Deezer music to ensure good quality. Of course, you can also try the other two tools and get the one that works the best for you.

keepvid music

KeepVid Music

Download music from Deezer, transfer and manage your music for your iOS/Android Devices

  • YouTube as your Personal Music Source
  • Supports 1000+ Sites to download
  • Transfer Music between Any Devices
  • Use iTunes with Android
  • Complete Entire Music Library
  • Fix id3 Tags,Covers, Backup
  • Delete duplicated Songs Remove Missing Tracks
  • Share Your iTunes Playlist

Guide for KeepVid Music: 1.Download Music 2.Record Music 3.Transfer Music 4.Manage iTunes Library 5.Tips for iTunes

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