Top 3 Ways to Download HTML 5 Videos on Mac/PC

Html videos are those videos which use html player to play online videos. Today almost all video sites are using html 5 players to play videos because it is very easy to play videos using this player. Users don’t need to install anything on their computer to play these videos where before users need to install adobe player on their devices to play videos. These videos are easy to play online just because of html5 player. Today YouTube is also using html 5 player to play videos online. HTML 5 player videos allow you to copy videos URL directly by right clicking on the videos and this is the way to download those videos. To download HTML 5 videos we are providing you this guide today to understand how easily you can download HTML5 videos. We will share different ways through this article to download these videos easily.

Part 1. Best Way to Download Html 5 Video on Mac/PC

Keepvid Pro is the best downloader to download html 5 videos on mac and computer easily in one click. Keepvid Pro is a one click download solution to download html 5 video from different 10000+ videos sharing sites. This software supports recording the HTML 5 videos as well. Users can easily record videos using this software from different videos sharing sites. Keepvid Pro enables users to download HTML 5 videos very easily and quickly from any video sharing sites in batch. There are two ways available to download videos with Keepvid Pro when downloading. First one is to copy and paste videos URL and second one is by clicking on Download button.

Key features:

  • Keepvid Pro is the best choice for video addicted users to download HTML 5 videos easily from 10000+ videos sharing sites.
  • Keepvid Pro allows you to record videos from any video sharing site.
  • Keepvid Pro can download videos in any format so you don’t need to worry about formats of videos. It supports 150+ formats.
  • Keepvid Pro enables you to convert videos after downloading or convert them while downloading in just one click.
  • Keepvid Pro is available for users to download and watch HD videos on their computer or Mac.
  • Keepvid Pro supports batch downloading videos in just one click.
  • Keepvid Pro can download in more than three times faster speed than any other videos downloader software.
  • How to download html 5 video with Keepvid Pro:

    Step 1 After reading and watching great features of Keepvid Pro, we are sure you will want to use it. If yes then you can download it for windows or Mac from the below URL. Once downloaded, install it and launch on your computer by double clicking of Keepvid Pro icon.

    Try It Free Try It Free

    Step 2 Now you have to launch any of your favorite browser and open videos sharing site in the browser to find out the html 5 videos which you need to download. You will find a floated Download button on the upper right corner. Don't hesitate to click it.

    Download HTML 5 videos on mac or pc-click download button

    Step 3 After you click the Download button, the HTML 5 video will start being downloaded automatically on the downloading section on the Keepvid Pro interface. If you need to convert them in other formats then click on “Download then Convert” and select your desired format from 150+ formats.

    Download HTML 5 videos on mac or pc-downloading

    Step 4 Now your downloading will be finished in some time depending on the speed of internet and size of videos. You can find finished videos in Downloaded section after completion.

    Download HTML 5 videos on mac or pc-finish downloading

    Not only by click "Download" button way, but also you can use "+ Paste URL" way to download HTML 5 videos. "+ Paste URL" is easy to find on the interface of Keepvid Pro, and it is also a wasy way to download HTML 5 videos.

    Download HTML 5 videos on mac or pc-finish downloading

    Part 2. Download HTML 5 Video with Recording Way

    Keepvid Pro can help you to grab videos with recording way as well. This way of grabbing html 5 videos is very easy and fast but this way allows you to download html 5 videos by continuously keeping Keepvid Pro turn on until video playback is finished. Not only online videos, but also the screen of their computer, users can easily record them as well.

    Step 1 You need to launch keepVid on your computer to start recording. Launch it and find out "Record Video" button on the main interface and click on it.

    Download HTML 5 videos on mac or pc-click record video

    Step 2 Once clicked on Record video button, you will see an adjustable recording frame. You can adjust this recording frame according to videos length and height by dragging red line with dots of frame. After adjusting frame, click on REC button in the left top side of frame to start recording.

    Download HTML 5 videos on mac or pc-press rec

    Step 3 After playing your video completely, just click on Stop button in the left top side of recording frame.

    Download HTML 5 videos on mac or pc-stop recording

    Step 4 Now your video will automatically save on your computer after clicking on Stop button. You can find them in Convert section. Now you can convert these videos by clicking the Convert icon into more than 150+ formats as well.

    Download HTML 5 videos on mac or pc-

    Part 3. Download HTML 5 Video with Extension

    KeepVid extension is a part of Keepvid Pro itself which is a free way to download html 5 videos. This way enables you to download videos by installing an extension in your browser. This keepVid extension is available for mostly all major browsers such as chrome, Mozilla and safari browsers. KeepVid extension is available for different browsers with different names. KeepVid extension is a small program which you can install from website. This way is free but enables you to download videos from 28 videos sharing sites only whereas Keepvid Pro can download from 10000+ sites.

    How to download html 5 videos with keepVid extension

    Step 1 Navigate mouse to any of supported browser on your computer. We are taking Chrome as example. Open and click on extension. Then click on TamperMonekey which is keepVid extension for Chrome. Now you need to click on Download TamperMonkey and then Add Extension. Follow on screen instruction and install it in browser.

    Download HTML 5 videos on mac or pc-install tempermonkey

    Step 2 Once it is installed, go back to keepVid extension page and click on KeepVid Helper. Now click on Install button in your browser.

    Download HTML 5 videos on mac or pc-install Keepvid Helper

    Step 3 Now you can download HTML 5 videos from 28 sites easily. Find out any HTML 5 video to download. Play HTML 5 video and you will see a button with name "KV Download". Click on this button.

    Download HTML 5 videos on mac or pc-click KV download button

    Step 4 When you click on this button, it will redirect you to keepVid download page. On this page select the quality available. Once you have clicked on quality, it will start downloading automatically.

    Download HTML 5 videos on mac or pc-select quality and download

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