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Best Ways to Download Music Legally for Free

Nowadays, it is really easy to listen any type of music online thanks to the development of Internet technology. There are lots of video sharing sites available online like YouTube, Dailymotion and more, which allows you to enjoy music as well. Although users can only watch and listen music online, they can’t grab them offline to listen on their computer or other portable devices. In this article, we are going to share the great ways to download music legally for free. Check it out.

Part 1. Download Music Videos to MP3 Directly

KeepVid Pro is a video and music downloader program which enables you to download music from 10,000+ videos sharing sites. KeepVid Pro allows you to download music legally for free with simple clicks, and you can also convert the downloaded videos to MP3 after the downloading process. This part will introduce the key features of KeepVid Pro and how to use it to download music legally for free.

Key Features of KeepVid Pro

  • Downloading - This video downloader program allows you to download videos from more than 10,000 video sharing sites
  • Recording - This software can record screen easily, and it allows you to record streaming video, chatting video and more
  • Converting - This music downloader allows you to convert the downloaded videos to more than 150 video and audio formats
  • Batch Downloading - KeepVid Pro supports batch download, which enables you to download multiple videos to MP3 files with ease
  • Task Scheduler - The task scheduler of KeepVid Pro allows you to manage the whole downloading process such as exiting program after downloading, shutting down program after downloading and so on
  • Downloading Speed - KeepVid Pro offers 3x faster downloading speed than other downloaders with the help of its Turbo mode
  • Download then Convert - KeepVid Pro offers you a Download then Convert option. After turning it on, you can download music legally for free from the videos.

How to Download Music Legally for Free with KeepVid Pro

Step 1 Start KeepVid Pro

To download music legally with KeepVid Pro, you need to download the program on your computer first, then start it. The program will display the main interface of video downloading.

Download Music Legally for Free - Start KeepVid Pro

Step 2 Copy Video URL

Now go to the video sharing site such as YouTube, and find the video you want to download. Then copy the video URL in the address bar.

Download Music Legally for Free - Copy Video URL

Step 3.1 Paste URL and Download Video

Click the triangle beside the Paste URL button, and hit Download MP3. Then the program will automatically analyze the video URL and start downloading. When the download finishes, you can find the MP3 audio tracks in Downloaded category.

Download Music Legally for Free - Download Music

Step 3.2 Download then Convert

If you have turned on the Download then Convert option before downloading, you'll be able to download music legally for free without clicking the Download MP3 button. You only need to click the Paste URL button and the program will automatically download the video to MP3 audio file. This option is vert helpful for you to download multiple videos or an entire playlist.

Download Music Legally for Free - Download then Convert

Step 3.3 Convert the Downloaded Video

If you have forgotten to choose the Download MP3 button, and have downloaded a video, you can use the built-in converter to convert the downloaded video to MP3 audio file. Locate the downloaded video in downloaded category and click the Convert button at the right side, then go to Convert section to choose MP3 as an output and start converting the video to MP3 audio file.

Download Music Legally for Free - Convert Downloaded Video

Part 2. Download Music by Recording

KeepVid Music is a great music recorder which enables you to record music from the music sharing sites, so if you want to download music legally for free, KeepVid Music will also be a good option. In fact, you are able to record any music playing on your computer via the sound card. Users can download music for free with the built-in recorder with high quality. This part will introduce the key features of KeepVid Music and how to use it to download music legally for free.

Key Features of KeepVid Music

  • KeepVid Music can record any music you want on web with high quality
  • KeepVid Music can save the recorded music to your music library directly
  • KeepVid Music allows you to discover your favorite music within its browser easily
  • KeepVid Music enables you to download music from the music sharing sites with simple clicks
  • KeepVid Music can help you to transfer the downloaded music to your mobile device with one click
  • KeepVid Music allows you to remove duplicate music from their music library or devices with one click
  • KeepVid Music helps you to fix ID3 tags after downloading music
  • Both the Windows and Mac Versions of KeepVid Music can help you to download music easily

How to Download Music Legally for Free by Recording

Step 1. Download and install KeepVid Music on your computer, then start it. The program will show you the main interface of discovering music.

Download Music Legally for Free - Start KeepVid Music

Step 2. Choose the RECORD option at the top middle of the main interface of KeepVid Music, then click the Record button at the bottom of the software. Now you can play the music you want to download, and KeepVid Music will automatically record it.

Download Music Legally for Free - Record Music

Step 3. When the music finishes playing, you can click the Record button in KeepVid Music again to stop recording. Then you need to choose ITUNES LIBRARY (MUSIC LIBRARY) at the top middle of the program, and hit the microphone icon at the upper left corner to view the recorded music.

Download Music Legally for Free - Locate Recorded Music

Part 3. Download Music from Top 10 Music Sharing Sites



YouTube is a popular video sharing site as well as the music sharing site. This site enables you to listen to music or watch the music videos online with no efforts. YouTube has a mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. YouTube also allows users to upload, comment, rate or share music videos. You are able to find most of the available music files on this site, but YouTube doesn't provide you the download option. So you can use KeepVid Pro to download music.

Download Music Legally for Free - YouTube

2. Vimeo

Link: is also a well know videos sharing site which enables you to watch millions of videos for free of cost. This site has a great amount of visitors per month, and it provides different kinds of subscription plans for you to enjoy more features. It is a video hosting site as well which enables you to host your own videos for free and paid. Users can upload their personally created videos on this website. There are different categories available on the website to watch videos. Viewers can ask videos for their choices on this website. This website has 4 plans. First one is free and second one is plus plan which cost 59.95$ per year and second one is pro plan which costs 199$ per year which offers 3TB storage space per year without any monthly limit. Third one is 599$ per year which offer all facilities you can do whatever you want to do on the website.

Download Music Legally for Free - Vimeo

3. Dailymotion


Dailymotion videos site is a French website and enables you to watch videos for free of cost. This website is totally free, and users can upload their personal videos easily on this website. Users can search with keywords and refine their searches by tags, categories, channels or user created groups easily. This website allows you to upload videos but there is little bit restriction about it. Users can only upload videos up to 2GB in size and 60 minutes in length. If you are a normal regular user then videos quality is limited to 720p only.

Download Music Legally for Free - Dailymotion

4. Twitch


Twitch video sharing site is mostly good for gamers. This this allows people to broadcast themselves while playing games easily. There are so many communities available on this website which enables users to chat with other gamers about gaming in the communities available on the website. This website has two types of accounts on it free and paid membership. If you are free member then you will face problem of advertising in the videos but if you are paid users then you will not face advertisement issue while enjoying this site. For paid users it costs 8.99$ per month. For turbo users there are so many other options also available on this website.

Download Music Legally for Free - Twitch

5. Veoh


Veoh video site is a free website for hosting videos content and share so many videos related to independent productions and user generated material as well. The great part of this website is that this site allows you to upload any type of content without worry about the length and duration of the videos and after uploading videos it offers you to embed those videos to your blog or site as well. This website has communities there on the site which enables you to get in touch with other people and talk about your and their videos. You can rate your favorite and leave comments and discuss about the videos in channel and forums. This website offers everything for free. There is no need to spend anything to use this website. Before visit this site you must install adobe flash player because it doesn’t supports html 5 player to play videos automatically.

Download Music Legally for Free - Veoh

6. FMA

Link: is a largest website to listen MP3 songs directly or the website or download them on your computer to watch offline as well. This mp3 website was developed in the march 2009. There are millions of music files available to listen and download in high quality mp3 format. There are so many option available to select music files on this website. Users can refine their music searches by radio stations, artists and curators, including artist collectives, museums, netlabels, Users can access fma music on android and ios devices as well by using it device application. There are videos also available on this website and it is completely free to use and download music from this site.

Download Music Legally for Free - FMA

7. Jamendo

Link: is a very good site for MP3 music lovers. This website enables users to share their music for free of cost for commercial use as well. This website allows users to watch and upload videos as well. Whenever users visit this site they can get so many option to download videos legally for free. This website provides users to find out videos easily by refining their results by communities, playlists, latest release so users can easily download and watch latest released videos for free. There are some more option available to refine your searches in the form of genre and latest posts. There are radio stations also available on this website to find out music according to your favorite radio station. Users can subscribe these stations in just one click.

Download Music Legally for Free - Jamendo

8. SoundCloud


SoundCloud website is a one of the most common MP3 music sharing site and enables you to listen MP3 music files directly on your computer or your Android or iOS devices easily. On SoundCloud users can easily find out different types of music such as remixes, karaoke, unreleased tracks as well. this website provides you to listen millions of audio tracks for free. But users can only listen online in the free version of this site. If you using android or iPhone and you want to download these songs legally for free then you can’t download in the free version. To download songs offline to listen without any internet connection users need to go for paid version and then only you can download songs offline.

Download Music Legally for Free - SoundCloud


Link: is a famous MP3 music sharing site and enables you to listen so many songs for free of cost. There is great music collection available on this website for every type of age people. This website allows you to listen music only but it’s not completely true. There is a section available to download music on this website which enables you to download some genre songs. But while using this website to download songs then you need to play songs before downloading them on computer because sound quality of some music files is not good.

Download Music Legally for Free -

10. Wikipedia


When you search Music in Wikipedia, you'll find a lot of contents, and certain pages offer free listening feature. Within Wikipedia, you are able to find the music player easily, and you can free enjoy the song, but if you want to download the songs, you'll find no available solution. Therefore, Wikipedia is just a place where you can enjoy the music online.

Download Music Legally for Free - Wikipedia

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