User Guide of KeepVid (Desktop)

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Note: For the whole guide of KeepVid Pro, we will mainly introduce the Windows version, and the Mac version has the same functions if there is no special remark. Meanwhile, you can fulfill the tasks on your Mac computer by duplicating the steps mentioned below.

To facilitate your use of KeepVid Pro, there are 4 main modules available to get started: Install, Basics, Settings and Register.


Step 1 Download the installation package.

Step 2 Install Keepvid Pro.

Double-click the setup file.

Intall KeepVid Pro - click Run button

From the pop-up window, select your preferred language and click OK. KeepVid Pro supports 9 languages (English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Nezerland, Dutch, Janpanese), by default it's English. In the coming window, read the end user license agreement carefully and click Next.

Intall KeepVid Pro - select language

Then, browse the destination folder to save installation files. Also, you can check the Install Video Download Plugin option to install the IE & Firefox extenstions or not which can make you download videos directly via your browser. After that, click Next to finish the installation.

Intall KeepVid Pro - browse destination folder

Step 3 Launch Keepvid Pro.

It will take seconds to install KeepVid Pro successfully. A window like below will prompt you that you can click Launch button to open KeepVid Pro or click Buy Now to buy the license code at once.

Intall KeepVid Pro - Launch KeepVid Pro

After clicking Launch button, you will enter the main window of KeepVid Pro shown as below.

Intall KeepVid Pro - Launch KeepVid Pro


Please launch KeepVid Pro on your computer, the main interface will display. And you can click the KeepVid Pro - maximize the window button at the upper right corner to display KeepVid Pro in full screen as you need. Also, there are several buttons used in general for different sections.

In the Downloading library of the Download section, there are several buttons at the top of the window to take care of all the downloading files by one click.

KeepVid Pro Basics - Downloading library buttons

Meanwhile, in the Downloaded library of the Download section and in the Record, Convert, Transfer sections, there are several general buttons at the top of the window to take care of the selected video(s).

KeepVid Pro Basics - general buttons

Particularly, in the Convert section, the KeepVid Pro - convert the video button at the right side of the video is to convert the file to other format instead of adding the file to the Convert list.

KeepVid Pro Basics - general buttons

Similarly, in the Transfer section, the KeepVid Pro - transfer the file button at the right side of the video is to transfer the file to your device instead of adding the file to the Transfer list.

KeepVid Pro Basics - general buttons


To make good use of KeepVid Pro, You'd better set up KeepVid Pro prior to the use. You can set all the preferences when you firstly launch Keepvid Pro and change them from Menu > Preferences.

Set KeepVid Pro - go to Preferences

Download Settings

1. Set the maximum quantity of download tasks. You can change the number from 1 to 10 for simultaneous download, by default it's 5 tasks.

2. Set 1-Click Download Mode for YouTube. You can enable the option and then set the download format (video or audio), quality (2160P, 1440P, 1080P, 720P, 480P, 360P, 240P for video or 320Kpbs, 256Kpbs, 128Kpbs for audio), subtitle language (English by default). After that, you will download YouTube videos with these preset parameters.

Set KeepVid Pro - go to Preferences

Alternatively, you can turn off the option. Then when you download every YouTube video, a pop-up window will appear asking you to set up the parameters.

Set KeepVid Pro - pop-up window for each download task

3. Set Auto download YouTube playlist subtitles/CC. Check this option, the YouTube video subtitles will be downloaded together with the video.

4. Set Show popup after successful download. Check this option, a pop-up window will appear at the bottom-right corner of your computer to prompt that you have successfully finished downloading videos.

5. Set Automatically resume unfinished tasks at startup. Check this option, the unfinished download tasks will resume as soon as you open KeepVid Pro, and vice versa.

6. Click Reset button at the bottom-left corner to reset all the Download setttings to be the factory settings. And click OK button to keep your settings.

Set KeepVid Pro - other settings for download

Location Settings

You can change the saved location for your downloaded files, recorded files and converted files by clicking Change button.

Set KeepVid Pro - Location settings

Extensions Settings

For Windows version, if you have checked the option Install Video Download Plugin when you install KeepVid Pro, then KeepVid Pro Extension for both IE and Firefox has already be installed; If not, you need to click Install button to intall the extensions. For Mac version, all the extensions should be manually installed. Specifically, KeepVid Pro Extension for Google Chrome should be installed manually on both Windows and Mac versions. You can click the Install button will turn to the guide page. Please follow the guide there to complete the extention installation.

Set KeepVid Pro - Extensions Settings

Others Settings

You can change the display language of KeepVid Pro from the available 9 languages. Also, you can click Reset Warnings to reset all the pop-up warning dialogs to be the original settings. In order to update the app automatically, you're enabled to set the frequency to check the update version.

Set KeepVid Pro - Others Settings


With the trial version of KeepVid Pro, you'll have the following limitations.

Register KeepVid Pro - limits for the trial version

If you want to enjoy all features completely without any limitation, please simply click Register KeepVid Pro - purchase icon at the upper-right corner to purchase KeepVid Pro from the website; If you already have one license code, please click Register KeepVid Pro - register icon to enter the Register window.

Register KeepVid Pro - Register KeepVid Pro

Then, copy and paste the licensed E-mail and registration code to avoid any typos. Meanwhile, please make sure that the Internet connection is fine while you register KeepVid Pro. Once KeepVid Pro is registered succuessfully, you'll see a activation dialog. Click OK to finish the registration.

Register KeepVid Pro - Registered successfully

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