Add KeepVid Pro Extension to Google Chrome

KeepVid Helper is a browser extension Javascript for Chrome browser, and it enables you to download videos from the video sharing sites directly. This guide will show you how to add KeepVid Helper to Google Chrome. Check it out.

Step 1 Add TamperMonkey to Google Chrome

Download and intall TamperMonkey browser extension to your Google Chrome browser. Add Now

Step 2 Install KeepVid Pro Extension to TamperMonkey

To enable KeepVid Pro Extension on your Chrome browser, you'll need to add KeepVid Pro Extension userscript to TamperMonkey. Add Now

Step 3 That's It!

Now KeepVid Pro Extension has been installed in your Google Chrome browser successfully. All you need to do is refreshing the page and locating the video you want, and then download it directly.

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