ID3 Editor Clean up Your Music Collections

Lost album & Cover, duplicated tracks...? Not Any More!

The Headaches you may have if you have a large music library:

No Worries

Just select the Music Player/Manager you use:

With iTunes

Apple users usually prefer playing their music with iTunes. But iTunes alone can’t manage a huge library and requires outside help. Some users aren’t bothered by the listed problems, but for a person who loves music to his core; these problems can really get him into a pickle. ID3 editor is made for these music lovers.

1Choose A Helpful ID3 Editor

Best ID3 Editor for iTunes

KeepVid Music

  • • Analyzes and cleans up your music library with one click.
  • • Transfer your Music from your iOS Device.
  • • Download or record music from music sites.
  • • Manage Music without iTunes Restrictions.
  • • Remove DRM from music with one-click.

Top 3 problems for music tags with iTunes:

2Clean up iTunes music library

More information about KeepVid Music here .

More Solutions

No iTunes

For users, playing music with other players, the major problem was that a lot of their music lost ID3 tags or had many duplicates in the library, especially for users with a large library. Editing them at a time would requires a lot of efforts. Well, this was before that the new ID3 editor had debuted.

Top ID3 Tag Editors

Top 3 Online ID3 Editors:

Upload your audio files on the free online application to rename and edit the ID3 tags
Edit, rename or remove the information altogether that is embedded in ID3 format within the audio files
Easy to use freeware online application that enables you to edit metadata stored in ID3 format in the audio files

Top 3 Free ID3 Editors:

ID3 Tag Editor
The ID3 tag editor is a free software that can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.
ID3-TagIT is a free software that is used to rename and edit the metadata of the ID3 tags in the MP3 files.
Stamp ID3 tag editor
Stamp ID3 tag editor enables you to rename, edit and delete the metadata embedded within the audio files.

Remove Duplications

For Windows Users:
When Windows users download a lot of music in a single go, they find duplicates in their hard disk. Duplicates are one of the most irritating things to have in your playlist. They not only take up space, but also ruin the pleasure of an organized playlist listening. Well, no more worries for the Windows users, the new ID3 editor comes to your rescue!

Remove Duplicate Tool for Windows

- Audio Dedupe

  • • Find fast all similar or exact duplicate audio files in a folder and its subfolders.
  • • Support for standard CRC32 and file name comparison, optional caching and integrated audio preview
  • • Tunes, iPod and iPhone MP4, M4A, AAC audio formats support.
For Mac Users:
Mac users know what we’re talking about when it comes to duplicate tracks. What really pushes you though is that you can’t delete all of these duplicates with a single click, or can you? Well ID3 editor takes care of that for you as well.

Remove Duplicate Tool for Mac

- Gemini

  • • Simply click the Auto Select button to delete found duplicates.
  • • Scan your Mac for duplicates, even if you have enormous storages!
  • • Find identical files and even duplicate folder inside your internal and external file storages.
  • • Preview different files, play videos and pre-listen audio files.
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