User Guide of KeepVid (Desktop)

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Remove DRM

Note: DRM stands for Digital Rights Management, DRM schemes are various access control technologies that are used to restrict usage of proprietary hardware and copyrighted works, learn more from here.

Now we will introduce the method to remove DRM from DRM music.

Step 1. Launch KeepVid Pro

Download, install and launch KeepVid Pro on PC/Mac.

Remove DRM with keepvid music


On the main interface, click TOOLBOX and then click REMOVE DRM.

Remove DRM with keepvid music

A dialog to remove DRM will pop up, and your DRM music in iTunes library will be scanned by list which will be checked by default, you can uncheck the songs you don't want to download.

Remove DRM with keepvid music

Step 3. Search DRM music from YouTube

Click "Search" button to find the same tracks as DRM music from YouTube. All the YouTube links for the tracks will be shown.

Step 4. Download music from YouTube

Click Download button to get music from YouTube.

Remove DRM with keepvid music

A dialog will pop up and let you double check if you want to download music from YouTube, just click Download button to go ahead.

Remove DRM with keepvid music

You can check the download progress by clicking the Download icon at the top-right corner.

Remove DRM with keepvid music

Step 5. Downloading music succeeds.

You can find the music in iTunes Library > Downloaded.

Remove DRM with keepvid music

Note: All downloaded music will be added to your iTunes library and the playlist named as "DRM Music-Free" will be built automatically.

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