User Guide of KeepVid (Desktop)

Quickly and easily download videos / music from over 10,000 sites!

Download Tips

In order to offer better using experience to the users, KeepVid Pro owns many excellent features to make your downloads much easier and more conveniently.

1. Download Videos in Batch with Task Scheduler

In condition that you are downloading many videos in batch, you'll spend a long time downloading all the videos, but you want to leave for other things. In this situation, the task scheduler of KeepVid Pro will play an important role in making you free. You just need to set the task scheduler into the following mode in accordance with your needs: Do nothing, Shut down computer, Sleep computer, Quit KeepVid Pro.

Download Tips - Download Videos in Batch with Task Scheduler

2. Priority Setting for Download

Although KeepVid Pro can add more than 5,000 videos to the download queue, it limits the maximum number of simultaneous download to 10. So, what if you want to prior download one of the standby videos when you have already added many videos in the download queue? Just right-click on the video and select Prior Download to download it immediately.

Download Tips - Prior download

3. Go to Source Page

If you have already downloaded one interesting or useful video with KeepVid Pro, and now you want to share the link with your friends, but can't recall the video link. Just find the video from the Downloaded library, right-click on the video and select Go to Source Page from the drop-down menu to enter the source page.

Download Tips - Go to Source Page

4. Copy Original URL

For sharing the link with friends mentioned above, you can also right-click the video and select Copy URL to get the video link too. Meanwhile, Meanwhile, if you want to get a better video with high resolution after downloading a video with low quality, you only need to copy the URL and click the + Paste URL button to re-download the video again.

Download Tips - Copy Original URL

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