User Guide of KeepVid (Desktop)

Quickly and easily download videos / music from over 10,000 sites!

Play Video

After downloading, recording or converting videos with KeepVid Pro, you'll want to play the video for an enjoyment right away. The following guide will show you how to do that in detail.

Note: You are able to play videos in Download, Record and Convert sections in KeepVid Pro directly.

Video Tutorial: Play Video

How to Play Videos

Step 1 Start KeepVid Pro.

Start KeepVid Pro on your computer, and locate the videos you want to play in Download, Record or Convert category.

Manage Videos - Start KeepVid Pro

Step 2 Click Play button.

Move the mouse onto the thumbnail of the video you want to play, and you'll see a Play button. Now click the button.

Manage Videos - Click Play Button

After clicking the Play button,you'll see a pop-up player playing your video. You are allowed to click the Fullscreen button at right bottom to watch the video in Full screen mode.

Manage Videos - Play Video

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