Christmas Radio Stations & Download Christmas Music

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way”...When you hear this pleasable words in each store, in every house or car, you know that Christmas approaching!

If you want to spend a wonderful winter evening with your family at home, Christmas music should be as a must. You can turn on the radio and feel yourself like the old-fashion guy or just listen to your favorite Christmas songs online.

By the way, on the web there are a lot of Internet radio services where you can find songs of the specific genre of Holidays or Christmas. The following list is a collection of the magnificent Christmas radio stations you can choose from. But what are you going to do when you find some amazing song during listening? Yes, you would like to have this song on your iPod or smartphone and playback it offline. In this article, we will find a way how to download the music from the radio station.

So, put on your sweater with reindeer and let’s check out what we’ve got for you.

Part 1: Top 10 Christmas Radio Stations Online

We’ve made a great exploration on the web and selected the best Christmas radio services online.

This is a collection of Christmas radio stations from around the world, so you are guaranteed to find a Christmas radio station for free on your taste. When holidays are coming, accelerate time with Christmas music online.

Here is our list of the main and popular top-10 Christmas radio stations, check it out.

1. SHOUTcast Christmas Stations

2. Pandora Christmas Stations

3. Tunein Christmas Stations

4. Live365 Christmas Stations

5. Christmas RadioAccuRadio

6. Christmas Stations

7. RadioRow Christmas

8. Web-Radio Christmas

9. Jango Christmas & Holidays

10. Christmas

Among those, we emphasize TuneIn Christmas Stations most since the services are well curated. It’s free, and merry songs are available during the whole year. Do you agree with us? What is your favorite Christmas song? Share with us. You can leave your comment in the chatting area below.

Part 2: How to Save Christmas Songs from Online Music Streaming Services

While listening to the Christmas songs online from the streaming services, some of you may want to save them on your mobile devices for playback offline. Maybe, to create the holiday atmosphere in the house. So, how to implement this task?

There is a very useful tool on the web for downloading Christmas songs. The name of this program is KeepVid Music.

The main function of KeepVid Music is to help users to discover and download music from the music sharing sites or online streaming music services. The program also enables users to transfer music from PC to their devices with one click. With this program, you are able to download songs from the Christmas radio stations with ease. The following guide will show you how to do that.

keepvid music

KeepVid Music

Music Downloader, transfer and manager for your iOS/Android Devices

  • Download/Record MP3 Music Directly
  • Download Music & Videos from 10,000+ Sites
  • Transfer Music Without Device Limitation
  • Complete your Entire Music Library
  • Fix id3 Tags, Covers
  • Delete Duplicate Song & Remove Missing Tracks
  • Manage Music without iTunes Restrictions
  • Use iTunes with Android
  • Burn Music to CD easily
  • Backup with one click
  • Share Your iTunes Playlist
  • Convert to compatiable format automaticlly
  • Replace m4p files to mp3 format
  • The Perfect Music Downloader for iOS & Android
Guide for KeepVid Music: 1.Download Music 2.Record Music 3.Transfer Music 4.Manage iTunes Library 5.Tips for iTunes

Step 1 Download and Install KeepVid Music

Download and install KeepVid Music on your computer, then start this program and you'll see the main interface.

Christmas Radio Stations - Start KeepVid Music

Step 2 Choose the RECORD Option

Choose the RECORD option at the top middle of KeepVid Music interface, and you 'll see an interface like below. Now you should click the round Record button at bottom to let KeepVid Music stand by.

Christmas Radio Stations - Click Record Button

Step 3 Record Christmas Songs

Now go to any of the Christmas station and play the music you need, then KeepVid Music will automatically start recording the song. During the recording process, KeepVid Music will fix the music tags of the song automatically. Note that you are allowed to click the Record button in KeepVid Music again to finish the recording process.

Christmas Radio Stations - Record Music

Step 4 Locate Recorded Music

When the recording process finishes, you can choose the ITUNES LIBRARY option in KeepVid Music, and then click the microphone icon to view the recorded music file. If you are not satisfied with the music info, you can right-click the song and choose Edit song info.

Christmas Radio Stations - Locate Recorded Music

In fact, KeepVid Music provides you another option to download Christmas songs. If you know the name of the song (of course you do), you can download it directly from YouTube with KeepVid Music. The following guide will show you how to do that.

Step 1 Choose DOWNLOAD Option

start KeepVid Music on your computer after installation. Then you can click the DOWNLOAD option at the top middle of KeepVid Music interface.

Christmas Radio Stations - Choose DOWNLOAD Option

Step 2 Copy Music URL

Go to YouTube and find the Christmas song you need. Then copy the URL of the music in the address bar.

Christmas Radio Stations - Copy URL

Step 3 Download Christmas Songs

Now you can go back to KeepVid Music and you'll find that the URL has been pasted in the column automatically. If not, you should manually paste the URL into KeepVid Music. Then you can choose MP3 as an output, and click the Download button to start downloading the Christmas songs.

Christmas Radio Stations - Download Music

So that's it. KeepVid Music makes the downloading process easy to be done, and brings much convenience for the users who want to get a chance to download songs from the Christmas radio stations. Hope that this article was clear and useful for you. Now you can enjoy Christmas songs which create holiday mood anywhere!


Along with the snow, Christmas trees, gifts, and Santa, the Christmas songs are one of the main mood makers. The streaming radio stations made a great job and collected all the great songs together in one playlist. The playlists may differ from each other, you should only choose the favorite one and launch KeepVid Music.

Even annoying ads isn’t a problem, it can be trimmed from the playlist and you’ll get on your iPod the pure list of Christmas songs. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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