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Based on the Linux Kernel OS, Android is one of the most prevalent and popular mobile operating system for smartphones and tablets nowadays. With 84.7% global market share, Android has made an awesome journey with its huge variety of devices and cool multimedia features and apps. For music listeners and enthusiasts, who love to keep their ear plugs on, Android provides a great way to store their music collection along with easy download of numerous tracks to hear them any time. Android offers a plethora of apps to download music from the internet. Google Play store has over one million Android apps available, and over 50 billion applications downloaded. Thus with so many options of Android music downloader, it is often confusing to pick up the music downloader that fits your expectations. This article shall invariably help you with the best suggestions for an ideal Android music recorder and downloader.

Part 1. Android Music Downloader/Recorder - KeepVid Music

KeepVid Music is an excellent music downloader and recorder program that allows you to record and download free music from any online source. Downloading or recording music from any source and transferring it to your android, iOS and other devices is easier with KeepVid Music than other apps, and the software supports all popular music sites including YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud and many others. The following section shows you the key features of the program, and how to use it to record music.

  • The software provides powerful features, including editing music tags, adding music albums, fixing ID3 tags, etc.
  • It records online music with no quality loss.
  • The program helps users to add the recorded music to mobile devices with ease.
  • The program helps users to discover
  • Also with Lossless Audio Quality its preserves 100% genuine audio quality after transferring.

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Step-by-Step Guide on Using KeepVid Music as Music Recorder for Android

The following guide will show you how to record music for Android device with KeepVid Music. Check it out.

Step 1 Start KeepVid Music

Download and install KeepVid Music on your computer, then start it. The program will provide you a interface that helps you to discover the music you need.

Music Recorder for Android - Start KeepVid Music

Step 2 Choose RECORD Option

Choose the RECORD option at the top middle of the main interface, and you'll see the recording window of KeepVid Music. Click the round Record button at bottom of the program, and then you'll be able to record music for your Android device. The program will record the song in its original quality, and during the recording process, the program will automatically fetch the music info.

Music Recorder for Android - Record Music

Step 3 Locate the Recorded Music

When the recording process finishes, you can click the microphone icon to view the recorded music files. The music files will be automatically saved into the Recorded playlist in iTunes as well, so you are able to find the songs in iTunes.

Music Recorded for Android - Locate Recorded Music

Step 4 Transfer Music to Android Device

If you want to transfer music to your Android devices, you only need to connect your Android to computer with the USB cable, and enable the USB function on your Android. When the program detects your device, you can select the recorded songs and right-click them, then choose Export to > Android Device.

Music Recorder for Android - Transfer Music

So that's how KeepVid Music helps to record music for Android device. With KeepVid Music, you are able to discover and get music without any effort. KeepVid Music also allows users to download music for Android device. The following guide is going to show you how to do that.

How to Download Music for Android with KeepVid Music

Step 1 Start KeepVid Music

Download and start KeepVid Music on your computer, and you'll see the mainterface. Choose the DOWNLOAD option at the top middle of the interface, and you'll see the Download window of the program.

Music Recorder for Android - Choose DOWNLOAD Option

Step 2 Find Video and Copy URL

Go to the music sharing site, such as YouTube, and find the music you need. Then copy the URL of the file in the address bar.

Music Recorder for Android - Copy Music URL

Step 3 Paste URL and Download Music

Paste the URL into KeepVid Music, and choose MP3 as an output. Then click the Download button to start downloading music for your Android device.

Music Recorder for Android - Paste URL and Download Music

Step 4 Locate Downloaded Music

When the download is finished, you can click the down arrow icon at the upper left corner, and locate the songs you've downloaded.

Music Recorder for Android - Locate the Downloaded Songs

Now with KeepVid Music, you can get any music you like with ease.

Part 2. Android Music Downloader App - 4Shared Music

Google Play Store comes packed with large number of apps that allows you to download music on your Android device and one such popular app that acts as an apt Android Music downloader is 4Shared music. Developed by New IT solutions this is perfect for all the music lovers creating as it allows access to almost all the tracks that you wish to enjoy. Some of the interesting features of the app are given below.

  • It provides a simple way of searching the music and listening to them by just uploading them on 4shared’s playlist.
  • With this app, you can easily enjoy the songs before downloading by streaming them.
  • You can also avoid the effort to download the music by simply accessing them and streaming them instantly to listen.
  • The app provides 15GB of space where you can store all your favorite tracks without worrying about the space.
  • Music lovers can create their own personalized albums with the variety of music collections that 4Shared has in store for you.

4Shared Music

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