How to Record Audio for Free

When you find a beautiful song online, you may like to record it for offline playback or for burning into a CD; you can also record audio through your own microphone when you are trying to learn a new language. Is there any tool to help record audio for free with high quality? The answer is yes. In this post, we will introduce several tools for you to record audio from online websites and record audio from external devices on your computer.

Part 1. Record Audio from Online Websites with KeepVid Music

Music sharing sites and online streaming music sites enable you to enjoy the music online without downloading. But listening to music online will require very stable Internet connection. Therefore, many people will want to record audio from these online websites to computer for the offline enjoyment.

KeepVid Music is a great music downloader and recorder for the users to get the music they need. The program provides two options for the users to get the music to their computer, and it keeps the audio qualiyt after the downloading or recording process. The following guide will show you how to record audio for free from website.

How to Record Audio for Free from Website

Step 1 Start KeepVid Music

Download the audio recorder on your computer, and start it after installation. The program will show you the main interface of discovering music.

Record Audio for Free - Start KeepVid Music

Step 2 Record Music from Website

Choose the DOWNLOAD option at the top middle of the software window. You'll see the window of recording music. Now you can click the Record button at bottom, and then play the audio file on your computer, then the program will record it automatically.

Record Audio for Free - Record Music

Step 3 Locate Recorded Music

Click the Record buttton again to finish the recording process. The program will save the recorded music in its music library, and you can click the microphone icon to view the recorded music files.

Record Audio for Free - Locate Recorded Music

Part 2. Record Audio for Free with Streaming Audio Recorder

There are many music websites that allow you to stream music online, such as Spotify, YouTube and so on. So it is not unusual that recording streaming audio has become a great market though with many competitors. Don’t worry. We have selected some of the best streaming audio recorder that you can make use of, including free and paid tools. Let’s check them out below. If you just record online songs occasionally, a free tool is recommended while you may need a paid tool to ensure good quality of recorded music files and consistent performance when you try to record a large quantity of online songs.

1. Audacity

Record Audio for Free - Audacity

Audacity is a free but professional audio editor. But it also enables you to record audio right through your computer and it supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Steps of using Audacity to record audio from online websites

Check the steps below and you need to do some settings first. You can refer to the Audacity’s tutorial for more detailed information.

Step 1. Make sure that your sound device on the computer supports for recording computer playback. Then choose the input in Audacity to be the input of the sound device for recording computer playback.

Step 2. Go to Preferences-> Recording to turn Software Playthrough off.

Step 3. Click the Record button and go to one of your favorite music sites like Spotify to play music. Click Stop to end the recording.

Step 4. The last step is to click Export to save the recorded audio.

2. Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder

Record Audio for Free - Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder
This program is exclusively designed for recording audio from online websites with zero quality loss. It can identify all the information about the songs and allows you to play the recorded music files which will be the MP3 and M4A audio files. What’s more, you can use it to create ringtones to send to your phones.

Using Streaming Audio Recorder to Record Audio for Free

Step 1. Download and start Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder on your computer.

Step 2. Click the Record button at the upper left corner, and the program will get ready for recording. Then you can play the music you need, and the program will record it.

Step 3. Click the Record button again to finish the recording process. Then you can choose Library option, and select the Newly Recorded playlist to view the recorded music.

Part 3. Record Audio from External Devices through Your Computer

Sometimes you may need to record audio from your microphone, for example, to create an audio file to send to your friends. That’s very easy. If you are using a Windows operation system, there is a built-in sound recorder that you can utilize.

If you want to record audio for free on your computer, all you need is to plug your external devices in your computer.

Record Audio for Free - Microphone

Steps to Record Audio from External Devices

Step 1. Firstly, get your external device connected to your computer. We will take a microphone as an example.

Step 2. Click the Start button on your computer and type Sound Recorder in the search box. Click Sound Recorder in the search result to start the program.

Step 3. Click Start Recording on the program and you can begin to speak to your microphone.

Step 4. To stop the recording, just click Stop Recording and a window will pop up for you to save the file.

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