Top 10 Free Recording Software For Mac

Thanks to the development of computering technology, voice recording isn't a difficult task anymore, and it can be done with all kinds of voice recording programs on the Internet. However, to make full use of the voice recording software, people should learn the knowledge of audio recording, so that they can handle the voice recording software easily. This article will introduce the top 10 free recording software for Mac, which may help you to find the best one you need.

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Top 10 Free Recording Software for Mac

1. Traverso

Features and Functions

  • Traverso is a multifunctional recording suite that includes both multi-track recording and editing recorded tracks.
  • The feature of non-liner audio processing makes Traverso unique free recording software for Mac.
  • Plugin effects can be added and removed while recording audio clips.

Pros of Traverso

  • Create new tracks while playback, and it doesn't get deleted.
  • Edit or record audio easily and effectively
  • User interface is ver easy to use so that the users can handle it with ease.

Cons of Traverso

  • Unlike other recording software for Mac, it does not have the advanced multi-track recording capabilities.
  • Usually, beginners need to take a little time to understand and learn various features of Traverso.

User Reviews

1. Traverso DAW lacks the expert background, the looks, the features and usability that closed source software has.

2. Traverso 0.49.1 is extremely unstable, unexpected quits about every 5 minutes, on my MAC with OS 10.6.8

Top 10 Free Recording Software for Mac - Traverso

2. Audacity

Features and Functions

  • Audacity is such free recording software for Mac that it gives enormous power for audio recording.
  • Users can record old tapes and save them as MP3 files on computer.
  • This freeware gives the flexibility to the user of using up to 16 channels at once.

Pros of Audacity

  • This freeware supports almost all the audio formats.
  • Every update brings helpful new features for the users.
  • Beginners can easily learn how to use this software.

Cons of Audacity

  • Interface of the Audacity is highly unattractive and unpleasant.
  • Audio unit plugins at times misbehaves and crashes.
  • While importing audio files, often the software crashes the time of respond delays.

User Reviews

  • Audacity did the job very nicely. Controls are fairly intuitive.
  • Many thanks to the developers of this program. It is amazing and FREE! I will be telling all my friends about this one.

Top 10 Free Recording Software for Mac - Audacity

3. iSkysoft Audio Recorder

Features and Functions

  • iSkysoft Audio Recorder for Mac is a powerful and highly robust free recording software for Mac that automatically split audio tracks and strip out the ads as the audio file goes on.
  • This freeware provides choice of file formats MP and M4A along with plenty of flexibility in feature.
  • This free recording software for MAC recognizes and identifies the track while recording and later it tags the audio file with relevant artist.

Pros of iSkysoft Audio Recorder

  • Music library can be easily created and searched.
  • It is an easy-to-use audio recorder package that bears an unambiguous user interface.
  • This freeware offers zero loss of audio quality during the recording process.

Cons of iSkysoft Audio Recorder

  • No significant consequences are observed in this software, however it provides less effect and plug-ins than its contemporaries.
  • Sometimes audio recording tagging to relevant artists also goes wrong.

User Reviews

  • I really like this program. It is reliable and works well.
  • This audio recorder change my life. Thanks.

Top 10 Free Recording Software for Mac - iSkysoft Audio Recorder

4. Cubase

Features and Functions

  • This free recording software for Mac provides recording of unlimited MIDI and audio tracks without any sudden crashes and for a longer period.
  • The 32-bit audio engine is highly powerful and provides total 73 number of audio effect plug-ins.
  • This software uniquely provides a full guitar suit for the guitar geeks.

Pros of Cubase

  • Unlike any other recording software of its range, Cubase has the capability of converting MIDI track into a waveform audio track.
  • Plenty of support is provided in case a user encounters problem in operating the software.
  • Channel settings can be easily added at the work window which helps in navigation.

Cons of Cubase

  • Mostly the free recording software comes with 64-bit audio engine whereas cubase has 32-bit audio engine.
  • The volume of the exported audio files is slowed down.
  • Very poor management of the audio tracks.

User Reviews

  • I’ve been using Cubase for years and I’ve never really explored other workstations.
  • That’s a big one for me.

Top 10 Free Recording Software for Mac - Cubase

5. Apple Logic Pro

Features and Functions

  • This free recording software for Mac not only records sound but also provides session drummers and virtual instruments.
  • This freeware is capable enough to identify on what chord a MIDI data file is played.
  • MIDI file recording is easier and editing can also be done smoothly.

Pros of Apple Logic Pro

  • Great guitar tones can also be achieved by the help of this free software.
  • The mixer of this recording software is customizable and upto 255 audios and MIDI tracks can be added in the mixing console.
  • Quick user tips are quite handy for this freeware.

Cons of Apple Logic Pro

  • User interface makeover is required so that this recording software can be used by amateurs.
  • Also, after new release it has been observed that the interface of the software is developed with darker shades of black and grey which can cause hindrance for the users to operate.
  • Smart controls are less responsive

User Reviews

  • Logic Pro is an incredible DAW and is well respected within the overall music community.
  • The new GUI is too dark for use over extended periods.

Top 10 Free Recording Software for Mac - Logic Pro

6. Ardour

Features and Functions

  • Ardour is free recording software for Mac developed in Linux with versatile feature of multi-track recording.
  • It also has the ability of importing videos as well.
  • It has enormous capability of recording, editing and mixing individual tracks.

Pros of Ardour

  • This freeware comes with option of Undo/Redo the tracks which is a unique feature.
  • Interface of the software is intuitive and can be used by a layman.
  • Importing audio files is easy and the quality remains intact even after import.

Cons of Ardour

  • This freeware doe not comes with any built-in effects or instruments which most of its contemporaries offer.
  • Sometimes it is not compatible to many outside applications.
  • This freeware is exclusively built for MAC and does not support in other platforms like windows.

User Reviews

  • I’ve long been looking for this .. thank ya
  • The three key areas of further work are likely to be media management and extending mixer capabilities, as well as general improvements throughout the application.

Top 10 Free Recording Software for Mac - Ardour

7. Apowersoft Mac Audio Recorder

Features and Functions

  • This free recording software for Mac is an easy-to-use one which records and save audio files in MP3 or M4A format.
  • This recording software is dedicated for recording media from websites like (Youtube, Grooveshark, Deezer,Sportify) and from applications like Skype.
  • Auto split a long recorder files into multiple tracks which at times becomes easier for the user to track the recordings.

Pros of Apowersoft Mac Audio Recorder

  • The built-in recording scheduler comes with start and end time which in turn let the recording happen seamlessly. This helps in recording audios even when the user is away from MAC. The countdown for this scheduled task would be displaced on the interface of home and the auto recording would begin automatically once scheduled time is reached.
  • All voices can be recorded with zero loss of quality.
  • HD audios can be easily copied from any sources efficiently.

Cons of Apowersoft Mac Audio Recorder

  • This software troubles a MAC user in case of un-installation.
  • The software works well in default settings. On customizing the settings sometimes performance lag s observed.
  • In competition with its contemporaries, it lacks in sound mixing capabilities and effects.

User Reviews

  • An easy-to-use audio recording program for Mac.
  • It’s a great little program, very easy to use and I like the silence detection feature.

Top 10 Free Recording Software for Mac - Apowersoft Mac Audio Recorder

8. iScream

Features and Functions

  • This exclusively designed free recording software for MAC is designed such that it can record audio from another audio device, line-in or microphone.
  • This software is designed with easily accessible hot keys on its home page which helps the user to navigate through the software with just one click.
  • Recorded audio clips are saved in WAV,AAC or MP3 format.

Pros of iScream

  • This one click to dock icon software is very handy and easier to operate for voice recording instantly.
  • The software bears a clean and straight-forward user interface which is easy to use.
  • It requires very less space (60MB) in the hard drive.
  • This freeware helps to split and merge audio files along with a huge space in music library.
  • Some of the extensive features this freeware offers is optimal editing, easy music management and quick import.

Cons of iScream

  • This freeware is a very basic one and does not come with any advanced features like other software of its kind. Basically, this is for basic voice recording and preparing voice notes which much modulation in the quality of the audio.
  • It does not any separate provision for adding effects to the recorded audio clips or imported audio data files.
  • Output formats are very limited unlike any other recording software of its range.
  • This basic and limited recording application is compatible only on MAC systems and at times the default folder for storing the recorded audio clips often gets stuck.

User Reviews

  • great app, very useful and works well
  • It worked simply and I was able to pause during the recording which is important to me. It worked very well.

Top 10 Free Recording Software - iScream

9. Voila

Features and Functions

  • This free recording software for Mac provides all in one approach with special feature of image editing.
  • It easily captures full motion video and with its wide variety of screen capturing modes it captures screen fabulously.
  • Voila provides 2 ways to capture shots from web page. One way, it can be done by the help of the automatic scrolling feature that would grab a snapshot of whole web page. Other way is to open the intended web page in Voila’s in-built browser.
  • Sharing and importing captured screenshots is easy and convenient.

Pros of Voila

  • This freeware can easily record stereo audio and offers a wide range for choosing frames.
  • Voila editor offers a useful and unique organizational tab unlike any other free software of its range. This tab helps to group the captures in two folders namely smart collections and manual. Smart collections include those recordings that has effects implemented and manual are ones without any effects.
  • The web capture feature is so powerful that it grabs the metadata keywords of the webpage for adding tags to the recorded screenshots. This also helps the software to organize the recordings properly.

Cons of Voila

  • This software does not have a magnification window that allows a user to select region edges of a snapshot or picture with more precision.
  • Automatic naming that is processed for the captured screenshots is often rudimentary.
  • Though the voila editor has extensive features with region highlighting, color adjustments and filters but the paint tool option lacks in performance which is a serious bug for this software currently.
  • Video trimmer comes with software is not fully featured.

User Reviews

  • The Voila Editor provides a unique and very useful Organizer tab that I haven’t seen in competing programs.
  • There are lots of screenshot apps available for Mac but Voila is the first I've found that combines powerful screenshot capture.

Top 10 Free Recording Software for Mac - Voila

10. Monosnap

Features and Functions

  • Monosnap is free recording software for Mac that allows the users to take screenshots, annotate them and upload the images in the cloud.
  • This software helps to take pictures in two modes. One way is to take snapshot of the whole screen and other way is to magnifying a particular area and then proceeding with the recording of the screen.
  • This provides cloud storage that requires login with email or facebook.

Pros of Monosnap

  • Sharing videos and export/import of data seems to be really fast.
  • This freeware has amazing new features of simple live streaming and can also create good looking annotations.
  • The additional features can be customized according to ones need.

Cons of Monosnap

  • Though this freeware is one of the re-known screen recorder at basic level for Mac, but it can save captured screenshots in PNG and JPEG format.
  • The software does not have enough capability for adding effects to the recorded files.
  • Sometimes Monosnap editor takes a longer time to response.

User Reviews

  • Impressive start and could directly compete with Voila.
  • I’ve had a very good experience with Monosnap!

Top 10 Free Recording Software for Mac - Monosnap

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