How to Record Audio from YouTube

Want to capture the singing portion of a YouTube video? Or are you eager to capture the background music from a home-made video on YouTube? It is really an exciting experience to be able to discover the wonderful music. However, it is hard to get these unique songs off YouTube videos. Even if sometimes you get the YouTube video offline, you cannot play it on your MP3 player, because most of YouTube videos are in FLV format. This article is going to introduce you two great tools to capture YouTube audio, so prepare to applause for these wonderful solutions.

Record audio/music/songs from YouTube with 1:1 good quality
Retrieve song information including album art, song title and much more
Schedule to record so as to save time

Why Choose KeepVid Music

youtube flv video download

Record audio from any sites
This program is able to record any online streams including YouTube audio, Spotify, Pandora and much more.

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Recognize song information
The song information can retrieved automatically including album name, cover art, artist and much more.

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1:1 good quality
What you hear is what you get. It ensures great quality for the audio files.

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Create ringtones
You can create ringtones from the songs you have recorded and save to M4R or MP3 files to use on your phones.

How to use KeepVid Music to Record Music from YouTube

Step 1. Download and install KeepVid Music, then start it on your computer.

Record Audio from YouTube - Start KeepVid Music

Step 2. Choose the RECORD option at the top middle of the software window, and click the Record button at bottom before you start playing the YouTube songs, so that you won't miss any track of that song.

Record Audio from YouTube - Click Record

Step 3. Note that you should record the songs to MP3 or M4A files, so that you can transfer and manage them in iTunes. All that needs to be done is click the button corresponding to Add to iTunes after choosing these selections, and you will have imported them successfully over to iTunes.

Record Audio from YouTube - Record Audio from YouTube
The easiest way to extract audio from YouTube videos
Download and convert YouTube videos to audio files, including MP3, M4A and much more
Download videos from many other sites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.
Convert the downloaded videos to many other formats such as AVI, MP4 and so on

Why Choose KeepVid Pro

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Download videos from various sites
It enables you to download videos from many video sites including Vimeo, Dailymotion, Break and much more.

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Various ways to download
To download videos, you have two ways. One is through a Download button and the other is through copying and pasting video url.

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Convert videos to many formats
After the videos are downloaded, you can convert them to many formats, including MP3

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A video and music player
You can find the downloaded and converted videos in the Downloaded and Converted library. Double click the video or audio in the file tray to play.

How to Extract Audio from YouTube with KeepVid Pro

Step 1. Start KeepVid Pro. Start KeepVid Pro after the installation on your computer.

Record Audio from YouTube - Start KeepVid Pro

Step 2. Download YouTube Video to MP3. Go to YouTube and find music videos to play. Copy the video URL and click Download MP3 by clicking the triangle beside Paste URL button. Or download the video by clicking Paste URL.

Record Audio from YouTube - Download to MP3

Step 3. Convert YouTube videos to MP3. Go to its library to find the music videos you have downloaded. Click Convert on the right and select MP3 to be the output format. Click OK to get the video converted.

Record Audio from YouTube - Convert Video to Audio

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