You'll Need These Tips to Download Videos from Tumblr Online Easily

Most people know about YouTube, Dailymotion and few other sites when they are looking for videos, but there are many other sites available on the Internet for you to watch videos for free. Unfortunately, most of the video sharing sites don't provide the downloading feature for the users to enjoy videos offline. Tumblr is also one of the most popular video site where people can watch millions of favorite videos for free. If you are going to download Tumblr video online, then this article is just right for you. In this article, we're going to introduce you several helpful tips to download videos from Tumblr online easily. 

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10 Helpful Tips to Download Tumblr Videos Online Easily

Tip #1: Choose the Right Downloader

There are many video downloader programs, online downloader sites and extensions available to download video from Tumblr online, but while choosing them make sure you are going to download right one. A few of the downloaders only support you to download videos which are uploaded to Tumblr, and don't allow you to download videos which are shared from other video sharing sites. Therefore, when you're going to select a video downloader, you should read the instructions of the program, website or extension.

Tip #2: Recording Online Tumblr Videos

There are chances that you can’t download videos of Tumblr even when you are using Tumblr video downloader. At this moment, try to find a video recorder program or screen record app so you can easily record Tumblr videos for your own use. If you don't want to miss any interesting video clip on Tumblr, using a video downloader and a recorder will be a good choice.

Tip #3: Find the Source Video URL

There are several Tumblr videos download online sites and plugins which can't provide you the download option unless you find the source video URL. In that case, you may need to find the source video URL by inspecting the element. You can do it by going in the source code of the video page. In Chrome right click on the video and then click on “Inspect” button.

Tips to Download Tumblr Videos Online Easily - Find Source Video URL

Tip #4: Download Only Audio from Tumblr


If you want to download Tumblr video online in MP3 format then you can do it by using an online video to audio converter website. These sites can quickly download videos for you and directly convert a video in the audio mp3 in the browser instead of converting videos after downloading. Download Videos From website will be best one for you to complete this task.

Tips to Download Tumblr Videos Online Easily - Download Audio Only

Tip #5: Check HD Quality Compatibility of Your Online Downloader

Every video downloader website or plugin allows you to download videos but several sites can't download online videos in HD format. So before using online video downloader site or software please make sure whether the HD video downloading is supported or not.

Tip #6: Online Video Downloader Site

An online Tumblr video download website enables you to download videos from the video sharing sites, and it only asks you to enter the URL of the video for the download. These online video downloader sites generate the video downloading links from the entered video URL and provide you download options.

Tips to Download Tumblr Videos Online Easily - Check HD Quality

Tip #7: Check out Whether the Site is Safe or Not

Before using Tumblr video online download website you must make sure that the site don’t have any malware attacks issues. These days this is a very bigger problem and there are chances that someone can steal your private data. You can check the legality of the website by reading reviews of the users about the website on Google. For example is a neat and clean website without any malware.

Tips to Download Tumblr Videos Online Easily - Check out the Site Quality

Tip #8: Download Tumblr Videos Online Using Chrome or Firefox Extension

Extensions are also available for you to download Tumblr video online for Chrome and Firefox browsers in the respective web stores. These extensions can be installed in your browser to get direct download links for Tumblr videos. When you are using extension you don’t have to install any software in computer only a small plugin in browser.

Tips to Download Tumblr Videos Online Easily - Using Chrome or Firefox Extension

Tip #9: Download Video on Desktop

If you are unable to download videos on computer using online Tumblr downloader sites then you can download Tumblr videos online with the desktop video downloader programs. For example, KeepVid Pro is a video downloader program which can help you to download videos from Tumblr and other 10,000+ video sharing sites with no hassle. This downloader software supports downloading, recording, converting and transferring videos as well.

Tips to Download Tumblr Videos Online Easily - Download Video on Desktop

Tip #10: Tumblr Video Online Download on Android

You are also able to download Tumblr Video online with your mobile devices as well. There are some apps available in the Google play store to download Tumblr videos on Android. These Android Tumblr downloader apps directly save downloaded Tumblr videos to your mobile devices memory card so you can easily watch them offline anytime.

Tips to Download Tumblr Videos Online Easily - Download Tumblr Video on Android

Conclusion: These are the top 10 tips which can help you to download Tumblr videos online in high quality for palyback on different devices. You can now easily grab movies, videos, and audio from Tumblr using by following these tips. Although there are different methods for you to download Tumblr videos online, you may want to use the desktop video downloader if you want to enjoy a better and more stable downloading experience.

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