Youtube Video Recorder : How to Capture YouTube Videos

Is there a way to capture any video streaming from the website so i can watch them anytime and anywhere?

There are so many people have this question in the online video world. Can the YouTube video recorder capture any YouTube video (including clips and movies) onto the computer, even onto your portable devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod and PSP etc. The answer is absolutely yes. Nowadays, it’s not a big trouble to get YouTube videos anymore because of so many YouTube capturers existed in the market. However, there are few ones which give you the ability to capture YouTube videos both onto the computer and devices still in high definition quality. To capture YouTube videos we are going to share some perfect ways with you through this article today.

Part 1: Best YouTube Video Recorder – KeepVid Pro for Desktop

KeepVid Pro is the best solution to capture YouTube videos. This software is the best available software over internet to record your videos for free of cost from YouTube. YouTube never allows people to download videos. KeepVid Pro can easily download and record videos on Mac and windows with a perfect way. Total number of supported sites is 10000+ sites. Recording function of this software works with Skype and your computer as well.

Key features:

  • KeepVid Pro is available for windows and Mac and allows you to capture videos from YouTube and from 10000+ other video sharing sites.
  • KeepVid Pro enables you to capture YouTube videos with a perfect way and allows you to adjust recording frame and capture full screen YouTube videos as well.
  • KeepVid Pro YouTube recorder can easily convert your captured YouTube videos to 150+ formats in just one click. Users can select the convert option while downloading or convert it after downloading.
  • KeepVid Pro is able to download from 10000+ video sites.
  • KeepVid Pro enables you to download videos in all HD formats in one click and it supports up to 4k and 3d video formats.
  • KeepVid Pro can easily download videos in batch so you don’t need to wait to finish previous videos to download others.
  • KeepVid is there with multithread technology and allows you to download videos by 3x faster speed.
  • Different ways to capture YouTube videos by downloading, recording and Download button.

How to capture YouTube videos with KeepVid Pro for free

Step 1 Users have to install KeepVid Pro first. Download it from the URL below and install on your computer or mac . After installing launch it on your computer. You will see the "Record" option on the interface.

Note: Please choose right version windows or mac while installing.

Try It Free Try It Free

YouTube Video Recorder-record video option

Step 2 After clicking on Record Video button it will open recording frame. Not you can capture YouTube videos easily. Just go to YouTube and play the video which you need to download. After starting video click on Rec button on the frame after adjusting it. This button will change in Stop button that means your video recording is started.

YouTube Video Recorder-

Step 3 Your video recording will start now. Once video is finished playing click on the Stop button.

YouTube Video Recorder-

Your video will be saved in the Finished tab from there you can convert it in more than 150+ formats in one click.

Part 2: How to Capture YouTube Videos – YouTube Captures for IOS

YouTube captures for IOS enables you to record videos from YouTube and share them with your friends and family. This app lets you start recording in snap. Once recording is finished, you can edit it from your iPhone directly. You can add more click by pressing + icon on the app. It allows you to capture moments instantly after clicking on the recording button. It enables you to add a soundtrack from your personal music collection on your iPhone. Once you have recorded and been ready you can upload these videos to YouTube, share on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ in just one click.


  • Capture YouTube videos directly from the mobile.
  • You can upload videos to YouTube and share videos with your friends on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ directly from the mobile itself.


  • Apps stop working while recording and sometimes recording pauses automatically without saving.
  • Not able to download HD videos in the perfect quality and they looks very bad after recording.

YouTube Video Recorder-YouTube Captures for IOS

Part 3: Capture YouTube Videos with Streaming Audio Recorder

Streaming Audio Recorder software is a great software from Wondershare which enables you to record videos very easily directly in the mp3 format from YouTube and 1000+ other sites. This software is very simple to use and allows you to transfer videos to iTunes and other IOS devices directly after recording. Wondershare streaming audio recorder is a one click recording solution to record videos. This software enables you to record audio in background as well. It has Mac and windows version for this software. While recording videos it automatically detects id3 information of the music files and adds them to the recording file. Whenever you are recording any audio, it automatically splits tracks if it not listen sound for 3 second. The great part is that it directly records sound from your laptop or computer soundcard so you can get original quality song what you are listening on laptop and computer.


  • Allows users to record audio from video directly from 1000 sites.
  • 100% legal to use.


  • Not able to record videos only record audio formats.
  • Full version of the software is not available for free.

YouTube Video Recorder-Streaming Audio Recorder

Part 4: Tips for Capturing YouTube Videos

Time Taking process

When you are watching any video on YouTube and you want to capture them to watch offline that instead of recording you can go for downloading way to grab videos using KeepVid Pro. It will take long time to recording online videos as compare to download way. Because the problem is that when we are recording videos that time we have to keep that video play until videos are finished. In the download way, you just need to copy and paste URL, downloading will work automatically in the background and you can do all other tasks in that time.

YouTube Video Recorder-Time Taking process

HD Quality video recording

This is a very important thing that while recording any online video from YouTube, you need to record them in the high quality video format. It is better to select HD format manually before starting recording because YouTube uses auto quality mode by default to play videos according to the internet speed. If your videos are not playing in HD format, then you can’t record them in good quality. Just go in the video setting and select HD formats to record in HD quality.

YouTube Video Recorder-HD Quality video recording

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