How to Make Ringtones from YouTube

This is the question that most people would like to get answers. If you own a Smartphone, you know how enjoyable to switch from one ringtone to another listening to your favorite tunes. Where do you get this ringtones from? Smartphones come with some random ringtones, but you will find list not having your favorite ringtones. When you realize that your smartphone doesn't have your favorite ringtones, you don't need to throw it away. You can still make ringtones from YouTube and transfer them to your phone. But it is not a simple process as you may have thought especially when transferring them to an iPhone. We will tell you how to do this in this article.

Method 1: Download YouTube MP3 and make ringtones with iTunes

Keepvid Pro can help you download YouTube MP3 file directly and then make ringtones. The process is at least self-explanatory, but I have collected some instructions step by step with screenshots to help you get started. This method requires two parts, first part requires you to download YouTube mp3 and the second part requires to make ringtones using iTunes.

Step 1 Install Keepvid Pro

Download Keepvid Pro from below. After the installation is complete launch the Keepvid Pro program.

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Step 2 Download YouTube MP3 files

There are two ways to download videos using this program. You can copy your YouTube video URL and then click "+Paste URL" button and select Download MP3 from the options.

How to make ringtones from Youtube-Youtube Mp3

The second option is to click "Download" button near the video area and select "YouTube Mp3".

How to make ringtones from Youtube-Youtube Mp3

Step 3 Cut the song in iTunes

Launch iTunes program on your computer. Add the YouTube song that you downloaded into the iTunes music Library. Select the song from the library and right click on it. A side window will be displayed. Scroll down the options and select "Get Info" option.

How to make ringtones from Youtube-get info

Another window will po up and click on the 'Option' tap. Go to to the "Stop Time" box and enter your preferred time usually less than 30 seconds

How to make ringtones from Youtube-choose the time

Step 4 Make an AAC Version

On the YouTube song that you selected, right click on it again. Go to the "Create AAC Version" Option and select this option. The version of the song will now be displayed. Go back into the original version of the YouTube song, then selected and click on the same option named "Get Info". Go ahead and delete the time that you entered in the stop time.

How to make ringtones from Youtube-create aac

Step 5 Change file extension to m4r

If you are using Mac, go to the short version of the song right click on it. Then select the option named "Show in Finder." Go to the file extension, click and overtype on it. Make sure the reading m4a has changed to m4r. Get back to the iTunes home section by double clicking the song. Go to slide number seven.

For those using Windows operating system, the process is a bit complicated. Go to the windows start option, then to the control panel. Choose to view the control panel icons by selecting "Large icons" placed at the right corner. Go to the "Folder Options" and click on it. Click on the "View" tab at the bottom of the displayed window and click to uncheck the "Hide extensions for known file types" option and then press "OK".

How to make ringtones from Youtube-unhide extension

In order to go to the short version of the song and right click on it. Right click the song and select "Show in Windows Explorer".

How to make ringtones from Youtube-show in windows explorer

The song will open in windows explorer. Go to the title of the selected YouTube song and single click on it. Change the file extension of the song to an .m4r format. If you double click on the song you selected, it will reopen in iTunes.

How to make ringtones from Youtube-change the extension

Go back to the iTunes home section, click on the drop down men of your iTunes music library. Select the option labeled "Tones." From the list of displayed song, you will now see your ringtone.

How to make ringtones from Youtube-tone library

Method 2: Record YouTube music and make ringtones

The second method is to record YouTube music and make ringtones with iTunes. The program that you need is Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder.

Step 1 Download Streaming Audio Recorder

Download this program from below. Once you've downloaded the Streaming Audio Recorder, please double click it to install instantly.

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Step 2 Record YouTube Music

After installing the program, click on the "Record" button. On top right side of the program, you will see an audio spectrum graph. You must be connected to a stable internet in order for this YouTube music recorder to start recording your music. You must also have access to audio/video streaming plug-in and devices. Your web browser must also be opened. Hit the record button when your favorite music starts to stream and this program will automatically start to record your song playing on you tube.

You can still use other taps on your browser or do any other projects on your computer. Once you are through with recording your YouTube streaming song, click stop button found on the remote control widget. This widget is found at the right side of the program screen. A message will appear showing that the recording has been completed successfully.

How to make ringtones from Youtube-streaming audio recorder interface

Step 3 Make ringtones on SAR

To create a ringtone of the recorded song, go to the bell icon which is located near the artist name and click on it. Immediately after clicking the bell icon, a bitmap of the track will be displayed. From here you can easily select the song and trim the sections that you don't want. By doing, you have created a ringtone at ease.

How to make ringtones from Youtube-make ringtone

Method 3: Through online ringtone maker site

The third method of creating ringtones from YouTube is using an online ringtone maker site. The best online that I normally use is This site offers an effective web friendly application that can convert any audio file into a ringtone. You can convert any MP3 songs that you download from YouTube into a ringtone for your iPhone. I said this site is effective since it can capture the streaming audio from any browser and turn it into a ringtone. The site is a free site and you will find the process very easier to understand and follow.

Step 1 In order to use this web application at, you need to register with them. After creating your account on this site, then follow the guidelines below to create your ringtones from YouTube.

Step 2 Go to the streaming YouTube video that you want to turn into a ringtone. Copy the URL of this YouTube video in your browser and paste it at the button labeled "Create from YouTube URL."

How to make ringtones from Youtube-make ringtone online1

Step 3 Immediately after pasting the URL, the web application and this site will start to load the file as shown in the web image belew.

How to make ringtones from Youtube-make ringtone online2

Step 4 After loading is complete, the you will see an audio spectrum graph. Select the part of the YouTube song that you want to turn it into a ringtone. You can either choose to enter the numbers or use the mouse to drag and select the part that you need.

How to make ringtones from Youtube-make ringtone online3

Step 5 After selecting the part that you want to convert to a ringtone, make sure to name it.

How to make ringtones from Youtube-make ringtone online4

Step 6 After naming your file, click next to complete the process. Your ringtone will be created. The time that this process takes varies depending on the type of the internet you are using. If you are using superspeed internet, the process will take few seconds to complete. It is recommended not to click on the opton that says "Send to Phone." If you click on this button, you will be taken to some sites that sell ringtones.

How to make ringtones from Youtube-make ringtone online5

Step 7 After creating your ringtone using the web app above, it is now time to download the ringtone to the audio format that you prefer. If you want to use the ringtone on iPhone, download the file into M4R format but if you want to use it on an Android phone, convert the file into MP3. If you want to transfer the file into your phone, you need to follow specific guidelines. I own an Android phone, therefore the process of transferring the converted file to use it on my phone is very simple and quicker. If you are using an iPhone, what you need to do to get the ringtone into your phone is to drag the M4R file that you downloaded onto the Library section of iTunes. The next step is to transfer the ringtone from the iTunes to your iPhone.

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