9 Easy Illustrator Tutorials on YouTube

Illustrator is another industry benchmark software developed by Adobe. It's the famous vector graphic program among print designers and illustrators. When you want to make a scalable vector graphic such as logo or artwork, Illustrator should be a choice that won't be wrong.

However, this sophisticated program will make you daunting when getting started. But don't worry, the Illustrator YouTube tutorials collected in this article will help you learn how to use Illustrator.

Illustrator Tutorials Tips:

  • 1. Download those illustrator videos with Keepvid Pro
  • 2. Only for personal use. You are not allowed to distribute these illustrator videos in any way. Take your own risk to use the downloaded Illustrator video from YouTube.
  • 3. Visit YouTube.com for more Illustrator tutorials.

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How to download illustrator tutorials on YouTube

Step 1Copy link of the illustrator.

illustrator tutorials on youtube-copy link

Step 2Open Keepvid Pro and click on "+ Paste URL", then the video will be downloaded immediately.

illustrator tutorials on youtube-download video

Part 2. Top 9 Illustrator Tutorials on YouTube

1. Illustrator Tutorials for Beginners - Illustrator Introduction Tutorials

Illustrator version: CS5, CS4, CS3

As a Illustrator beginners, it's a good idea to have a complete concept of Illustrator, to know what it can do and how it works. So, 2 Illustrator introduction videos are chosen and another video shows all Illustrator basics.

2. Adobe Illustrator CS5 - My Top 5 Favorite Features

Illustrator version: CS5

3. Illustrator Basics

Illustrator version: CS4

4. Illustrator Tutorials for Intermediate Users-Create a Basic Logo Design

Illustrator version: CS3

These Illustrator tutorials help you explore more features of Illustrator, which are useful for composing effects with Illustrator in the future.

5. How to Wrap Text

Illustrator version: CS3, CS4

6. Basic Text Effects

Illustrator version: CS4

7. 3D Logo Tutorial

Illustrator version: CS5

8. Illustrator Tutorials for Advanced Users-Making Vector Swirls, Swooshes, and Florals

Illustrator version: CS3, CS2

It's a long way to be an advanced Illustrator user, but you can. By learning and practising more, you will improve your Illustrator skill little by little. And one day, you find out that you can use Illustrator to do any photo editing stuff.

9. Create Intricate Patterns in Illustrator

Illustrator version: CS3

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